Help Me!

Dear ukefan and fanets!

I've just decided to kick out the stupid adds I had started to spam around the blog in order to have a few earnigs from my work, in a consequence of what i've added this donate Paypal button, a more straightforward (and comfortable?) way for you to participate and encourage me to continue! 
Any participation will do and be 
highly welcome

Big shoutout and lots of thanks for Jamie Hogan, the first Ukucourscool donator!
Your 15$ and so nice comment will help a lot to rise motivation and eat better!

I've decided to thank you by letting you choose a song I'll TAB and Cover for you, so feel free to message me to let me know your choice!
12/10/2013 Edit: I published "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for you today, Hope you'll like it, Jamie! Peace :)